v7.0 Update Installer Fix

If you are using the original Winteracter 7.0 release on Win64, Linux or Mac OS X, the update installer (wupdate) needs to be fixed, before installing a Winteracter update (i.e. v7.0a or later). Platform specific fixes are available below. However, you do not need to install these fixes if:

  • You are using the Win32 version of Winteracter, or
  • You have already applied the 7.0 wupdate fix, or
  • v7.0a or later is already installed (check this by selecting Help|Licence Information in WiDE).

On all platforms, the "wupfix" program will ask you for the CD identifier and key code which appear on your original Winteracter 7.0 CD. When the update fix has been applied (where required), you can download and install Winteracter 7.0 updates by running wupdate in the normal way.

The Win64 fix is supplied as a self extracting executable. Simply run the downloaded file and enter your CD id+keycode.

The Linux and Mac OS X versions are gzipped tar files, containing two files (wupfix and wupdate_wz). Extract the files into a temporary directory, using a command of the form "tar xzf wupfix_xxxxxx.tar.gz". Then run the wupfix program and enter your CD id+keycode. (Note: wupfix is an X Windows program.) Make sure that you have write access to the existing wupdate execuatble (e.g. login as root) otherwise the wupfix program is likely to report "error code 4".

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