Window Handling : Subroutine Descriptions

Group WM : Window Management

WindowClear Clear window to background or specified colour
WindowClose Close root window
WindowCloseChild Close a child window
WindowDialog Combine a dialog with a window
WindowOpen Create root window with various style options
WindowOpenChild Open a child window with various style options
WindowOutStatusBar Output a string in a specified part of the status bar
WindowRaise Select and raise specified window
WindowRevert Restore a special purpose window to general purpose state
WindowScroll Scroll current window up/down/left/right
WindowSelect Select window which all output is sent to
WindowSizePos Change size/position of a window
WindowSplit Split a window into two sub-windows
WindowStatusBarParts Define number of parts to split status bar into
WindowTitle Set title of current window
WindowUnitsFromPixelsConvert from pixels to Winteracter co-ordinates
WindowUnitsToPixels Convert to pixels from Winteracter co-ordinates

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