Updates : Windows

This page provides downloadable updates for old Microsoft Windows versions of Winteracter, prior to version 10.0. Updates for Linux and Mac are provided on separate pages.

Note: As of Winteracter 10.0, the old update mechanism has been retired, following the introduction of electronic software delivery. Users of version 10.0 onwards should download and install the current version from the page specified in their licence email. That download will always be based on the most recently released update.

Download Instructions

  • To download an update in browsers such as Firefox or Chrome, right-click on the appropriate link and select "Save Link As".
  • Each update is provided in the form of a .wup (Winteracter Update) data file. This should be installed by running wupdate (the Winteracter Update Installer) which is located in the Winteracter bin directory. Simply double-click on the downloaded .wup file in Explorer to invoke wupdate automatically. Alternatively, run wupdate from a command prompt. The .wup filename can be specified as an argument on the program command line. Otherwise, wupdate will prompt for the location of the .wup file via a file selector.
  • The Winteracter Update Installer will prompt for your CD id and key code. These are printed on your Winteracter CD and also on the back of the CD case. When the id and keycode have been entered, the update files will be installed automatically to the directory identified by the WINTER environment variable.
  • As of v9.20, the Winteracter Update Installer must be run by a user with Administrator privilege on Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10/11. Earlier versions of the Update Installer do not enforce such a requirement, but installation by an Administrator user is advisable in any case. To run the Update Installer in administrator mode on Windows Vista/7/8/10/11 with UAC (User Account Control) enabled, right-click on "Update installer" shortcut in the Winteracter program group. (This is the program group which appears on the Start menu on Windows 7 and earlier. As of v9.30 an equivalent program group is also accessible via the Desktop "Winteracter" shortcut). Select "Run as administrator" from the righ-click menu. Note that this is required, even if you are logged in as an Administrator, since that does not automaticaly raise all processes to admin privilege when UAC is enabled.
  • You must own a licence for the relevant target platform to be able to install these updates. Similarly you must own a licence for the corresponding version number. Your keycode will not allow installation otherwise. (e.g. if v8.0 is currently installed you will only be able to install the corresponding 8.0 update.)
  • Updates made available here are complete for a given major release. So for example, 8.0k is installable over v8.0 without needing to install the intermediate 8.0a-j updates. To determine the currently installed revision use either of these methods:
    • Select "Licence Information" from the Winteracter program group on the Windows Start menu or select the "Help|Licence Information" menu option in WiDE
    • Run the showver batch file from the command prompt in the Winteracter installation directory.
  • Separate 32-bit and 64-bit update files are provided for versions 7.10-9.0. If you have installed a 32-bit version of Winteracter 7.10-9.0 on a 64-bit version of Windows and you have not installed a separate 64-bit licence, then it is important that you only install the corresponding 32-bit update. In other words, select the 7.10-9.0 update to download according to your Winteracter licence(s) rather than the platform on which the software has been installed. From version 9.20 onwards, updates for Windows have been merged into a single file, which can be used to update any type of Winteracter licence on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows platforms.
  • If multiple licences are installed together, then update installation must be repeated for each licence. The file for a given update only needs to be downloaded once, but the update installer should be run once for each licence held. However, for versions 7.10-9.0, it should be noted that this advice only applies where all the installed licences are for the same platform (i.e. all 32-bit or all 64-bit).

  • Winteracter v9.30 Update

April 23rd 2014

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  • Winteracter v9.20 Update

March 6th 2013

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  • Winteracter v9.0 Updates

June 20th 2012

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  • Winteracter v8.0 Updates

July 19th 2010

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  • Winteracter v7.10 Updates

April 30th 2008

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