Updates (v10.0 onwards)

Following the introduction of electronic software delivery, all Winteracter updates from v10.0 onwards are now delivered as whole-product downloads, rather than incremental updates, as previously. Users of v10.0 onwards should therefore download and install the current version from the page specified in their licence email. That download will always be based on the most recently released update.

The folowing updates are currently available:

Version Release date Release notes
16.0c 24th Jul 2024
15.0g 11th Mar 2024
14.10f16th Apr 2022
14.0b 21st Dec 2020
13.0h 9th Nov 2020
12.0h 29th Nov 2019
11.0i 19th Jul 2018
10.10i26th Jun 2017
10.0h 5th Oct 2015

For more information email: