These notes describe the procedure and conditions when ordering Winteracter direct from Interactive Software Services Ltd. ("ISS"). If you prefer to order from one of our resellers, please follow their ordering instructions.

On-line Ordering and Payment
Account Orders
General Ordering Information

On-line Ordering and Payment

  • How to Place Your Order

Orders can be placed on-line, via our order form. Within about one working day of order submission, you will normally receive an email containing an on-line payment link. Sometimes, we may need to contact you before this payment link is sent, if we have any queries regarding your order.

Our order form only requires details of your billing address, email address and the Winteracter licences to be supplied.

  • Payment method

We use PayPal to process on-line payments. You can pay by card or PayPal account. When paying by credit/debit card, a PayPal account is not required. We do not receive or store any credit/debit card details, other than your billing address. All card payment information is handled securely by PayPal. This is our preferred payment method.

When we receive your order, you will be sent an "invoice" email containing an on-line payment link. (Note: While the email's "from" address will show as "sales@winteracter.com", the email actually originates from PayPal). Follow the payment link in this email, to view an invoice summarising your order and showing the amount to be paid. This will include a payment button, leading to a PayPal page where you can make payment by card or PayPal account. The payment page will allow non-PayPal users to pay via most credit or debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

  • Currency

All orders for which payment is made via PayPal (either by card or from a PayPal account) are billed in sterling, based on our currently published price list, which is always available on this site. We do not set the currency conversion rate and are unable to confirm the exact local currency value of the transaction. In particular, the US$ prices quoted on our price list apply to 30-day account orders only (see below).

  • Invoice

The invoice which is displayed when making payment, is provided to facilitate payment, but it is not a tax invoice. When payment has been received and your order has been processed, we will send a separate sales invoice. This acts as a tax invoice, where applicable. This will be sent on the day we send your licence email(s) and will show the sterling value of your order. Note: We are unable to issue non-sterling invoices for orders where payment is made on-line.

Account Orders

  • Account Approval

Purchase orders can be accepted subject to prior account approval by ISS. Contact , before ordering, if you require 30-day account facilities.

  • How to Place Your Order

Purchase orders can be submitted via email or post. Your order must specify the following:

  • Purchase order number or other order reference to be quoted on our invoice
  • Billing address
  • email address (for queries and licence delivery)
  • Winteracter licences to be supplied, as listed in the table on our Price List page.
  • Currency and Payment

Payment terms for account customers are 30 days from date of invoice. Payment methods depend on location:

  • United Kingdom : UK orders are billed in sterling. Our preferred method of payment is via electronic transfer (e.g. BACS). Bank details are provided on our invoice to enable electronic payment. Alternatively, we can also accept cheques, drawn on a UK bank.
  • USA : US orders are billed in US$. Payment should be made by US$ cheque drawn on a US bank or by wire transfer to our UK bank account. Bank details are provided on our invoice.
  • Rest of the World : All other orders are billed in sterling. Payment should be made by wire transfer to our UK bank account (bank details are provided on our invoice) or by sterling cheque or bank draft, drawn on a UK bank.


As of version 10.0, Winteracter is supplied electronically. Licences are supplied by email, which include download instructions and installation codes.

General Ordering Information

  • Order Information

In general, we encourage using our on-line order form, which gives us all the information we usually need. If you submit an order by any other means, please be sure to specify the following product information on that order:

  • Product name (i.e. Winteracter)
  • Target platform (Windows, Linux or Mac)
  • New licence or upgrade
  • Serial number(s), if ordering upgrades
  • Commercial or Educational Licence
  • Value Added Tax

Value Added Tax (VAT) is chargeable on the total order value at the current UK rate (20%) on all UK orders.

VAT is not applicable to orders from outside of the UK. However, local duties or taxes may apply. These are payable by you, the receiver of the goods, if applicable. ISS cannot be held responsible for payment of local duties or taxes in non-UK destinations.

For tax purposes, the billing address specified in your order will also be treated as the delivery address.

  • Terms of Business

All orders accepted by Interactive Software Services Ltd are subject to our standard Terms and Conditions of Sale. Interactive Software Services Ltd reserves the right to decline any order.

  • ISS Resellers

If you prefer to purchase Winteracter from a local dealer, see our Resellers page.

  • Contact Information

Interactive Software Services Ltd.
PO Box 2822
Stafford ST16 9FA
United Kingdom

VAT reg. number GB488772968