OpenGL : Subroutine Descriptions

Group GL : OpenGL Support

WglInfoDrawable Return information about current OpenGL drawable
WglInput Interactively locate a graphical object in an OpenGL drawable
WglInputDrag Interactively drag a graphical object in an OpenGL drawable
WglPalette Change the OpenGL palette on a 256 colour display
WglPrintImage Print current OpenGL drawable (bit image dump)
WglProjectP Get projected vertices, from model created using Winteracter's own 3D routines.
WglReadPixels Read colour pixel data from OpenGL drawable
WglSaveImage Save current OpenGL drawable in BMP/PNG/JPEG/PCX format
WglSelect Select drawable for OpenGL output
WglShow Use OpenGL to render a model created using Winteracter's own 3D routines
WglShowViewport Sets the viewport used by WglShow
WglSwapBuffers Exchange front/back OpenGL buffers
WglTextDouble Output a double precision value
WglTextFont Select font (family/style/spacing)
WglTextInteger Output an integer value
WglTextLength Return string length allowing for proportional spacing
WglTextOrientationSelect OpenGL text alignment
WglTextReal Output a real value
WglTextString Output a string
WglTextWidth Specify width of a proportionally spaced character

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