ODBC Database Interaction : Subroutine Descriptions

Group DB(1) : General Database Interaction

WDatabaseClose Close a database
WDatabaseColumns Get a list of column names and types
WDatabaseDrivers Retrieve a list of ODBC dribvers
WDatabaseExec Execute a raw SQL statement
WDatabaseOpen Open a database (an ODBC data source)
WDatabaseSources Get a list of ODBC data sources
WDatabaseTables Get a list of table names and types
WDatabaseUndefined Set values to return for undefined numeric fields

Group DB(2) : Assign/Retrieve Database Data

WDatabaseGetDouble Get a double precision value
WDatabaseGetDoubles Get multiple double precision values
WDatabaseGetInteger Get an integer value
WDatabaseGetIntegersGet multiple integer values
WDatabaseGetReal Get a real value
WDatabaseGetReals Get multiple real values
WDatabaseGetString Get a string
WDatabaseGetStrings Get multiple strings
WDatabasePutDouble Put a double precision value
WDatabasePutInteger Put an integer value
WDatabasePutReal Put a real value
WDatabasePutString Put a string

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