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Updated 9th March 2022

As of 14.10e, Intel Fortran Compiler Classic 2021.5, as supplied with Intel oneAPI 2022, has been successfully tested. No changes were required to Winteracter for this compiler release.

21st December 2020

The newly released Intel Fortran Compiler Classic 2021.1, which forms part of the Intel oneAPI Toolkit, has been successfully tested with the current Winteracter release (v14) on all of Windows, Linux and Mac. The "Classic" compiler is a rebranded version of the ifort compiler, previously known as "Intel Visual Fortran" (Windows) or "Intel Fortran" (Linux/Mac). The compiler functions as previously, so far as Winteracter is concerned.

The following minor changes were made in the 14.0b update to improve oneAPI compatibility:

  • Automatic compiler location detection in the Windows version of WiDE has been tweaked to find renamed Intel compiler runtime library directories, ensuring successful linking without the need for additional external configuration.
  • Invocation of the Intel-modified GNU debugger in WiDE has been amended to cope with a change of name on Linux and its absence from the Mac oneAPI.
  • The Windows Intel Fortran compiler configuration dialog in WiDE has been slightly reworked to show the full compiler name/version strings, rather than just their internal version number. This copes with Intel's inconsistent numbering of the "Classic" compiler, which is numbered "19.2" internally, but referred to as "2021.1" externally.
  • Documentation has been reworked to generalise references to Intel Fortran, particularly on Windows, to reflect compatibility with ifort across its different brandings.

Note: Users who are not yet familiar with the Intel oneAPI should note that the Intel Fortran Compiler Classic forms part of the Intel oneAPI HPC Toolkit, which also requires installation of the Intel oneAPI Base Toolkit. On Windows, Visual Studio (2017 or 2019) must also be installed. All of these components are available for free of charge download. Most of the components of the oneAPI Toolkit are not required for Winteracter development, so use of the Customize option is recommended when installing oneAPI toolkits, to avoid wasting double-digit gigabytes of disk space.

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