News : Open Motif 2.3.8

15th April 2020

I.S.S. has built Open Motif 2.3.8 from source on several Linux and Mac systems, incorporating a patch which improves Xft text rendering. In addition to providing the most recent Open Motif update, this improves dialog/grid/editor performance on recent versions of macOS. It also offers some performance benefit when running programs on a Linux or Mac host, via a remote X server.

Version 13.0d has been rebuilt with Open Motif 2.3.8 on both Linux and Mac. The 13.0d update also includes some minor related amendments. Users of X/Winteracter 13.0 are therefore encouraged to update to 13.0d and Open Motif 2.3.8, particularly on the Mac. Users of earlier X/Winteracter versions will also derive some benefit from downloading OM 2.3.8.

The new Open Motif 2.3.8 builds can be downloaded from our Open Motif page. Both 32-bit and 64-bit builds are available to download, built on various different Mac and Linux systems.

Note : Open Motif 2.3.8 incorporates Mac-related fixes which were previously addressed by a patched version of Open Motif 2.3.6 on this site. The patched 2.3.6 downloads have been replaced by the newly built 2.3.8 equivalents.

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