News : Lahey closure

5th December 2022

Following the recent announcement by Lahey Computer Systems that they will be closing on 31/Dec/2022, we can confirm that Winteracter will continue to support users of Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran and Lahey/GNU Fortran, on Windows. Specifically, Lahey-compatible implementations will continue to be included with Winteracter 15.0, on Windows. Technical support for the Lahey-compatible implementations will continue too, subject to the proviso that compiler-related issues may not be fixable.

We have no immediate plans to drop support for Lahey's compilers. In the longer term, as for all target compilers, continued support will depend on demand and will be reviewed at each major Winteracter release.

Please note : References to "support for" specific third party software do not imply endorsement of same. Refer to Supported Compilers/Platforms for more information.