Interactive Software Services Ltd.
The Fortran GUI Specialists

Interactive Software Services Ltd. is a UK based software company specialising in the development of user-interface and graphics tools for use with the Fortran programming language. Our products have been designed to allow non-specialist programmers, such as scientists and engineers, to add user interface and graphics features to their Fortran based software. In particular, we aim to insulate programmers from the details of particular hardware, operating systems or API's.

Winteracter is our flagship product. It allows a graphical user interface to be implemented in Fortran 9x/200x software on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac. A comprehensive subroutine library of user-interface, graphics and operating system functions is provided, along with various GUI visual design tools.

Introduced in 1989, INTERACTER was our earlier multi-platform product, enabling interactive Fortran 77/9x based programs to run across various platforms on GUI and character displays. Development and support of this product has now ceased.

I.S.S. also offers a free-of-charge implementation of the command line argument routines which were standardised in Fortran 2003, for use with a wide range of Fortran 77/90/95 compilers.

Interactive Software Services Ltd.
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