Information : Subroutine Descriptions

Group IF : Information

WInfo3dInteger Report 3D model information (integer)
Winfo3dReal Report 3D model information (real)
Winfo3dVertex Report 3D vertex information
Winfo3dVertices Report multiple 3D model vertices
WInfoBitmap Report memory bitmap information
WInfoClipboard Report clipboard information
WInfoDatabaseTableReport database table information via ODBC
WInfoDeviceName Report printer/plotter descriptions
WInfoDialog Report dialog information
WInfoDialogField Report field information
WInfoDrawable Report target drawable information
WInfoEditor Report numeric text editor information
WInfoEditorPrint Report editor print options
WInfoEditorString Report character text editor information
WInfoError Report error information
WInfoErrorMessage Report error message string
WInfoFilename Report default filenames
WInfoFontGUI Report GUI font name/size information
WInfoGrDriver Report graphics driver capabilities
WInfoGrHardcopy Report graphics hardcopy/export information
WInfoGrid Report information about a grid field
WInfoGridPrint Report grid printing options
WInfoGridCell Report information about an individual cell
WInfoGrInteger Report graphics information (integer)
WInfoGrReal Report graphics information (real)
WInfoIcon Report memory icon information (real)
WInfoMessage Report enabled/disabled state of a message type
WInfoMetafile Report memory metafile information
WInfoMonitor Report monitor position/size
WInfoMonitorXY Report monitor which contains (x,y)
WInfoMouse Report mouse related information
WInfoPalette Report graphics colour palette information
WInfoPgInteger Report presentation graphics info (integer)
WInfoPgReal Report presentation graphics info (real)
WInfoPgStyle Report presentation graphics info (styles)
WInfoScreen Report screen size & available/selected colours
WInfoSystem Report operating system information
WInfoUnit Report Fortran unit numbers used by library
WInfoVersion Report library version number
WInfoWindow Report information about the current window

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