Graphics Hardcopy/Export : Subroutine Descriptions

Group GH : Graphics Hardcopy/Export

IGrEndPage Start a new page of graphical output
IGrHardColourToPen Define colour-number to plotter-pen mapping
IGrHardCopy Enable/disable graphics hardcopy output
IGrHardCopyOptions Define hardcopy options (page size, position, etc.)
IGrHardCopyOptLoad Load hardcopy options from a file
IGrHardCopyOptSave Save hardcopy options to a file
IGrHardCopySelect Select hardcopy driver
IGrHardCopySelFile Select hardcopy driver & options from a file
IGrHardCopyTextFile Print a plain text file
IGrPrintImage Print graphics area as a bit-image dump
IGrPrintImageOptionsSet bit-image dump options
IGrPrintImageOptLoadLoad bit-image dump options from a file
IGrPrintImageOptSaveSave bit-image dump options to a file
IGrPrintImageSelect Select bit-image dump driver (Print Mgr/PostScript)
IGrSaveImage Save graphics area as a BMP/PCX/PNG/JPEG image file
IGrSaveImageData Save raw bitmap data as a BMP/PCX/PNG/JPEG/ICO/CUR image file
IPlotter Select HP-GL plotter type
IPrinter Select HP PCL or Epson printer type
IPrinter2 Select HP-GL/2 printer type
WGrConvertImage Convert bit image files between BMP/PCX/PNG/JPEG/ICO/CUR formats

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