Dialogs : Subroutine Descriptions

Group DM(1) : General Dialog Management

WDialogAddMenuItem Add a single item to a menu field
WDialogColour Set field colour
WDialogDeleteMenuItem Delete an item from a menu field
WDialogDeleteTreeviewItemDelete an item from a treeview field
WDialogFieldOptions Select optional field behaviour
WDialogFieldState Turn field on/off
WDialogGetMenuTop Get topmost visible option in a menu field
WDialogGetSelection Get string/numeric field selection extent
WDialogGetTab Determine selected tab in a tab control field
WDialogGetTreeviewRect Get a treeview item's bounding rectangle
WDialogGetTreeviewState Determine state of an item in a treeview
WDialogGetTreeviewString Get text associated with a treeview item
WDialogHide Remove a dialog from the screen
WDialogInsertMenuItem Insert an item into a menu field
WDialogInsertTreeviewItemInsert an item in a treeview field
WDialogLoad Load dialog from resource
WDialogLoadTreeview Load a treeview definition from a CSV/TSV file
WDialogRangeDouble Set range for a double precision field
WDialogRangeInteger Set range for an integer field
WDialogRangeOptions Set range checking options
WDialogRangeProgressBar Set range for a progress bar field
WDialogRangeReal Set range for a real field
WDialogRangeTrackBar Set range for a trackbar field
WDialogSaveTreeview Save a treeview definition to a CSV/TSV file
WDialogSelect Select current dialog
WDialogSetField Make field current
WDialogSetMenuTop Set topmost visible option in a menu field
WDialogSetSelection Set string/numeric field selection extent
WDialogSetTab Select sub-dialog in a tabbed dialog
WDialogSetTreeviewState Expand/collapse an item in a treeview
WDialogSetTreeviewString Change text displayed by a treeview item
WDialogSetTreeviewVisibleEnsure a treeview item is visible
WDialogShow Display a dialog
WDialogShowCommon Display a dialog at a common position
WDialogSizePos Change dialog size and/or position
WDialogSpinnerStep Set the increment(s) for a spinner control
WDialogTabState Enable/disable a sub-dialog in a tab control
WDialogTabstops Set tabstop positions in a listbox/string field
WDialogTitle Modify dialog window title
WDialogTooltip Assign a tooltip to a dialog field and set its duration
WDialogTrackBarStep Set the increment(s) for a trackbar control
WDialogTreeviewCheck Enable/disable treeview validation
WDialogUndefined Set value to be returned by undefined numeric fields
WDialogUnitsFromPixels Convert to dialog units from pixels
WDialogUnitsToPixels Convert from dialog units to pixels
WDialogUnload Free dialog resource from memory

Group DM(2) : Assign/Retrieve Field Contents

WDialogClearField Clear a field
WDialogGetCheckBox Get check box value
WDialogGetDouble Get double precision value
WDialogGetInteger Get integer value
WDialogGetMenu Get menu field value
WDialogGetMenuItem Get a menu field option string
WDialogGetProgressBar Get progress bar position
WDialogGetRadioButton Get radio button status
WDialogGetReal Get real value
WDialogGetString Get string value
WDialogGetStringLength Get entered length of a string value
WDialogGetTrackBar Get trackbar position and selection
WDialogGetTreeview Get selected item from a treeview
WDialogGetTreeviewCheckboxGet a treeview checkbox value
WDialogPutCheckBox Set checkbox to on/off
WDialogPutDouble Set a double precision field value
WDialogPutImage Set icon or bitmap displayed in a field
WDialogPutInteger Set an integer field value
WDialogPutMenu Set menu field contents
WDialogPutMenuItem Set a menu field option string
WDialogPutOption Set menu field option number
WDialogPutProgressBar Set progress bar value
WDialogPutRadioButton Set a radio button
WDialogPutReal Set a real field value
WDialogPutString Set a string field value
WDialogPutTrackBar Set trackbar position and selection
WDialogPutTreeview Set selected item in a treeview
WDialogPutTreeviewCheckboxSet a treeview checkbox value

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