Memory Bitmaps : Subroutine Descriptions

Group BM : Bitmap Handling

WBitmapAlloc Allocate specified number of memory bitmaps
WBitmapClipboard Copy a memory bitmap to the Windows clipboard
WBitmapCreate Create an empty memory bitmap of any size
WBitmapDestroy Delete a memory bitmap
WBitmapGet Get all/part of a drawable into a memory bitmap
WBitmapGetData Transfer a colour array into a memory bitmap
WBitmapGetPart Get all/part of a drawable into part of a memory bitmap
WBitmapLoad Load a memory bitmap from disk
WBitmapLoadResourceGet bitmap (BMP or PNG) from program resource
WBitmapMirror Mirror a memory bitmap horizontally or vertically
WBitmapPlotMode Set bitwise mode for bitmap put/get operations
WBitmapPut Put all of a memory bitmap to all/part of a drawable
WBitmapPutData Transfer a memory bitmap to a colour array
WBitmapPutPart Put part of a memory bitmap into a drawable
WBitmapResize Resize a memory bitmap
WBitmapRotate Rotate a memory bitmap by 90/180/270 degrees
WBitmapSave Save a memory bitmap to disk
WBitmapStretchMode Set bitmap stretching mode (e.g. halftoning)
WBitmapView Converts a window into a bitmap viewer

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