3Dview is an OpenGL based 3D model viewer.

Features include:

  • Load and view 3D models in W3D, DXF or STL formats. (W3D is the binary file format generated by Winteracter's W3dSave subroutine.)
  • Easy to use and highly responsive control over the model viewing postion, with rotate, zoom and pan via mouse, keyboard or menu.
  • Various standard views available via single keystroke or menu selection (front, rear, left, right, top, bottom or isometric)
  • Animated rotation option. Available in combination with mouse/keyboard viewing controls.
  • Save models in Winteracter W3D, DXF or STL format.
  • Both binary and ASCII STL (stereolithography) file formats supported by both load and save options.
  • Export Image option allows the current view to be saved as a bitmap in BMP, PNG, PCX or JPEG format.
  • Print via Print Manager (Windows) or PostScript (X Windows).
  • Choice of rendering methods: wireframe, unlit, flat shading, Gouraud shading or point cloud.
  • The model's material list can be edited. The modified model can be saved back to disk.
  • Control over lighting with 6 standard light positions and a light which follows the viewing position.
  • Choice of orthographic or perspective projection.
  • Control over background, wireframe, point and part colours.
  • Supplied with both the Windows and X Windows versions of Winteracter.
  • Can be redistributed with Winteracter based software.
  • Full source code for the 3D model viewer is also supplied. Creation and distribution of derivative works, based on this source code, is permitted.

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