WiSK Technical Support

These notes provide guidelines for Lahey compiler users who require assistance with WiSK, the Lahey/Winteracter Starter Kit.


Before submitting a technical support request, please ensure that you have reviewed all of the available WiSK documentation sources. The organisation of this documentation depends on which Lahey Fortran release you are using.

Starting with Lahey Fortran 7.1, all WiSK documentation is collected together under a common contents/index control. This is accessible via Documentation|WiSK Help, from the Lahey-Fujitsu Fortran group on the Start menu. It is also accessible via the Help menu iin the WiSK resource editor.

If you are using an earlier Lahey Fortran release, refer to the following:

  • A searchable PDF version of the WiSK user guide is provided with your compiler in the manuals directory.
  • A WiSK help file is provided with LF95 in the help directory. This includes the WiSK FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
  • The resource editor's help file(s) substantially supplement the WiSK user guide. Help is available in the resource editor(s) via Help|Contents.
  • Many Lahey compiler releases include enhancements to WiSK. Some include a summary of new WiSK features, which can be useful when upgrading. For example, LF95 5.7 under Windows includes a file called WiSK_NewFeatures.pdf in the manuals directory.

Linux users can view all the supplied online help by pointing a web browser at index.htm in the compiler's help directory.


Check out the supplied WiSK example programs. Their exact location varies according to your compiler version. In recent releases they are in a sub-directory of the examples directory.


Lahey provide maintenance updates for several of their compiler releases on the Downloads page at www.lahey.com. Some of these updates include WiSK related fixes. We recommend that you download and install the latest maintenance update for your Lahey compiler, where available.

Submitting Support Requests

If your question does not appear to be addressed by the supplied documentation or downloadable updates, you can submit WiSK technical support enquiries by email to:

  • Do :

Please be sure to use a subject line that is descriptive of the problem or question (i.e. not just "Question" or "Winteracter").

When submitting a support request please quote your :

  • Lahey compiler name (LF90, Elf90, Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran or Lahey/GNU Fortran), version (e.g. "5.70b") and serial number.
  • Operating system version and service pack or revision level. Please also indicate whether it is a 32-bit or 64-bit operating system.

When reporting issues concerning unexpected program behaviour please provide the following:

  • Source code for a brief sample program which can be recompiled to reproduce the observed behaviour.
  • An accompanying resource file. We particularly need this when diagnosing dialog/menu related problems.
  • Any data files which are required by the sample source code.
  • The exact wording of any compiler, linker, visual tool or operating system error messages.
  • Precise instructions on how to reproduce the fault.

Supporting material should normally be attached in a zip file or compressed tar (.tar.gz or .tar.Z) archive.

  • Don't :

The following material is rarely useful and should not be sent unless specifically requested:

  • Program executables (Send example programs in compilable form.)
  • Large source codes (Send a short example which focusses on the problem.)
  • Source code as bitmap images (Sources should be plain text.)
  • Screen images, except where these illustrate an error message or machine-specific behaviour (Send a program which reproduces the effect otherwise.)

Please note: Support is available for questions concerning development of Fortran 9x/200x code in combination with WiSK's official specification as defined in the supplied documentation. However, this is not a general programming advice service. Also, it does not cover non-Fortran languages or non-Winteracter calling interfaces (e.g. Windows API, Xlib, etc.). Questions relating to any non-WiSK aspects of Lahey compilers should be directed to support@lahey.com.