Version 1.08 : October 2005

F2KCLI is supplied in two forms, containing identical versions of the software:

The only difference between the two file sets (other than the required ZIP/tar extraction software) is that the manual and source files in the ZIP archive have DOS/Windows style carriage-return/line feed line endings, whereas those in the tar file have Unix style line-feed-only line terminators. Just download whichever is more convenient.

Note: If you choose to download the ZIP file, be sure to maintain the directory structure of the archive when you extract its contents:

  • PKUNZIP : Use the -d command line option.
  • WinZip : Check the "Use folder names" option.
  • UnZip : No special options required. Directories are created automatically.


  • manual.txt : F2KCLI manual/readme file in plain ASCII.
  • source directory : Source files for every supported compiler/platform combination.
  • binary directory : Precompiled binaries for nearly all DOS, Windows and OS/2 implementations.
  • test directory : Simple test/verification programs in Fortran 9x free format and Fortran 77 fixed format.


  • v1.01 : Command argument zero is now accessible under VMS.
  • v1.02 : Compile/link instructions for Intel Fortran v5 under Linux.
  • v1.03 : LF95 5.7 (Win32), Portland f90 (Linux), Absoft (Mac OS X).
  • v1.04 : Binary version for Intel Fortran v7 (Win32). HP f90 source. Minor cosmetic changes to generic Unix versions.
  • v1.05 : Support for F on Win32, Linux and Solaris
  • v1.06 : Support for CVF 6.6c and Intel Fortran v8.
  • v1.07 : DVF/CVF binary support reverted to a single version. Binary support for early Visual Fortran versions (e.g. 5.0) fixed.
  • v1.08 : IVF (Win64/EM64T). Watfor77. IBM XLF on Mac OS X. Updated documentation