Common Dialogs : Subroutine Descriptions

Group CD : Common Dialog Management

WComDlgPos Set common/built-in dialog psoition
WHardcopyOptions Select driver-specific hardcopy options
WHardcopyOptionsTextSelect text printing options
WMessageBox Display standard message box with various options
WPrintEditOptions Set editor printing options
WPrintGridOptions Set grid printing options
WPrintImageOptions Set bit-image printer dump options
WSelectColour Choose RGB value from common colour dialog
WSelectPaletteColourChoose colour from fixed palette common dialog
WSelectDate Choose a date from a calendar dialog
WSelectDir Choose a directory name from common dialog
WSelectFile Choose a load or save filename from common dialog
WSelectHelpViewer Choose HTML and/or PDF viewer on Linux
WSelectMarker Choose a graphical marker from common dialog

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